LA NYC and SF’s Last Custom Neon Sign Company

This is the last neon sign company left in San Francisco. There just aren’t any more. That’s because hand work and craftsmanship is fast being replaced by machines, robots and, China. Everything from hand painting signs to letterpress printing are dying. If something is good enough at half the price, good enough becomes the standard.

The other side effect to manual craftsmanship disappearing is that the pace of change is blinding now.

Since machines and labor pools of hundreds of people in China’s Shenzhen or Shanghai factory cities can produce products in a fraction of the time, we have come to expect everything to happen now. Where a little bit of planning would have sufficed, now, everything is happening at reaction speed.

That’s not just the trade show or retail design industry that’s feeling the brunt of the extinction of neon sign companies, it’s your entire night time cityscape.


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