Serpstat Interviewed by B2B Ad Agency NYC LA SF

B2B Ad Agency LA NYC SF London Features:Serpstat of

Our guest is at @serpstat on Twitter.

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What does your company do?

It’s a Keyword Research Tool for SEO, PPC, Copywriting and Competitor Analysis

How do you differ from your competitors?

We’re just better. We have unique features, biggest domain database, fastest algorithms, lowest prices and on and on.

What’s the biggest mistake your customers are making?

They prefer to waste thousands of dollars on inefficient AdWords campaigns instead of spending $49/mo to make their campaigns half as expensive and twice as efficient via keyword optimization.

What else can I do with a Keyword Research Tool? A: Study the behavior of your target audience, find out what keywords to target to improve ranking, find out what people want to know (related to your industry) and create a content for them, and more.

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